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Why to Place Ads on Our Site?

You can't do any business without an advertisement. The more you promote your products or services, the more customers and sales you get in your business. You should place a banner ad here on our site because we are offering one of the best paid ad placement services. Having some of the most professional marketers, we can provide you the most relevant and genuine traffic to your site.

People come to our site for shopping purposes and they look for different discounted shopping items. If you have got a running product or service that people extensively search for, you can really get a number of customers through your ad on our site.

Unlike other websites, we are offering only one time payment for paid advertisement for which, we will provide you the most relevant and genuine traffic for months. Since we have hundreds of merchants linked with us, their customers will also see your ad on our site and will surely buy your products or services.

How Do We Generate Traffic?

We generate traffic through the following 3 ways:
  1. Search Engines
    We have got a pretty good ranking on Google and other search engines through which, we get organic traffic to our site.
  2. Social Media
    As you already know that social media is the leading source for generating traffic, we also generate traffic through our social media pages.
  3. Paid Advertisement
    We also run our ads on Google and different other high PR websites from where we get quality traffic.

Why Your Deal or Coupons?

Though we are running a coupons' website, we have a huge traffic of those people who come to our site in search of discount deals. You can get your products or services' discount banner image with your webpages links on site and people will see the image and will surely be attracted by the discount.

Steps to Place Your Ad:

  1. Choose one of our packages.
  2. Pay for the package and provide the banner and links to us.
  3. Once the payment is received, your ad will be placed and you will start getting the traffic.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You can get a deal for 10 day trial also.
  • If you cancel the deal within 10 days, half payment will be returned.
  • No amount will be returned if you cancel any deal after the trial period of 10 days.
  • The banner ad should be clean, according to the size we have given, and must have our website name in the bottom.
  • You can get the banner changed whenever you want.

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